Urban Blond – Liverpool

Please take a glass of red wine and sit on my faux leather sofa (I also have Prosecco if red doesn’t float your boat) …

So now that you are here and comfortable, let me talk a little about myself.

I always dreamt of writing. Since I was very little, I used to write silly books about bunnies living underground and drinking tea. Well.. ±18 years later I want to write about things that may motivate you to be a happier and healthier individual. Also, it might inspire you to explore England a bit more. There are soooo many wonderful places to see and so many great places to eat.♥

My name is Sandra and I am in my mid-twenties. Straight after high school, I moved to England (on my own, such a Gemini thing to do!) to study Tourism Management and I graduated in 2014. It did not take me long to realise that I cannot see myself wearing a uniform and walking around hotels or booking plane tickets for a living. I always wanted something different. Soon you will know me very well and see how diverse I am. I will do my best to inspire, be healthy, stay positive and spread happiness! After all, that is my ultimate life goal.


Urban Blond is my little virtual living room (open plan, with a kitchen) that welcomes every single one of you to come and check what places are worth visiting in England (sometimes abroad), learn how to have a beautiful, cosy & chic home, how to make super tasty plant based food and read some tips how to be a great host or in general a positive human being!


I love pretty things, greenery, the city vibe, being out, wandering around, shopping, rich/tasty food and of course… wine! I would like to believe that I am healthy, well.. Yes, I do juice for weeks sometimes, I eat mostly plant-based foods, love spinach and spoil my skin by making my own natural/organic creams but I still enjoy my wine. So don’t judge, grab a glass and let’s be friends, ok? Ok!

Urban Blond is a place where you can come for inspiration where to spend your weekend (I know quite few places in England, most of them up North), what to eat for dinner (not only!) and how to make your life and home a happy place.

Feel free to come visit my virtual apartment anytime you like and don’t forget that you can find me all over the place! Let’s connect 🙂